Barcamp London - What to Present?

Puzzling in the few moments left just which bits of my technology world I'm really proud of

Still throwing XSLT about to massage this blog, preparing for the London Barcamp with a sleepover at BT Centre. I think I might make this blog one of the session topics if people care at all.

It'll have to be a last minute presentation job as I've spent the day looking at the engineering issues of a new version of my Hubbub tag-driven forum, and preparing for my trip to Italy on Sunday for the Cascadas Project engineering meeting.

Cascadas have decided to use our Diet-Agents toolkit as the hosting environment for their self-organising system dynamics and I have to show them how it all works. Not too difficult to get your head around, though, as you can see from this example app.

I suppose any of these could be suitable topics in principle for presentation at Barcamp, as well as maybe Processing. I might add these to the Session Topics page.


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