Recovering Workaholic

I love work, I can sit and look at it for hours

My kind of work

I thought I'd attempt to summarise what I get up to here, for my own sake if for no-one else's. I suspect it's getting a bit out of hand. You can find out more about the all important antidote to work elsewhere on this site.

The work I do is mostly technical in its focus, but ranges widely...

What is work anyway?

The stuff I consider to be work, goes outside of just what I get paid for. There's plenty of coding projects which need effort, including this blog and personal inventions which sink the same kind of obsessive effort, and delivery-focused attitude. It's rather inevitable that work and personal projects blur together, as I find my computing work and crazy invention stuff to be pretty core to my personality. I'd probably do much the same thing even if it wasn't my job.

I've always wanted to be an inventor.

Fortunately I work for BT which has a very modern approach to managing time and your employment terms, and they are actively helping me attain a work-life balance to ensure I don't burn out.


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