Rock and Roll!

There's no way the opposable thumb will survive in the face of progress like this! The human hand might remain a useful adaptation merely for throwing the Paper Scissors Rock dice but is otherwise clearly obsoleted.

A Paper Scissors Stone Dice : Front view Paper Scissors Stone Dice : Rear View With Instructions

My jaw dropped when I saw this product and I had to buy it. They can't possibly be serious...can they? A genuine attempt at a labour saving device or merely self-deprecating humour? I didn't need to find out. They had to be mine! Another rube falls for the producer's deliberate marketing ploy no doubt. In my defense these fit quite well into the whole chindogu thing which got me puzzling last year.

I've since followed up to find what else the makers, Koplow Games, do. They're serious about dice. You can use their special brand of randomness to do almost anything.

I came across the Paper Scissors Rock dice in a toy shop in New Orleans on a recent visit in January. That place is still pretty wrecked outside of the main tourist areas, but we really enjoyed our stay and were welcomed heartily. Well worth a visit to get those dollars rolling in and help rebuild.

I really recommend Irene's - a great restaurant down there. Also the white tigers at the Audobon zoo are just amazing.


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