Volunteering and Membership

Various organisations, collectives and communes I occupy, or drift in and out of

I'm a founder member of the Curiosity Collective who do local techno art installations, and communications officer for Key Arts. I build and host websites for both of these organisations on this webserver.

When I'm in the UK I'm a member of the Spinney. Some might think of it as being merely a tenant, but there's a very different vibe, which carried over from 14a Northgate Street (website now merely an archive) where a bunch of people got together as housemates and liked each other so much that they moved together as a family to a much better residence encouraged by AJ and her fabulous scouting of estate agencies for funky houses. Sadly we don't have such crazy parties as we're all growing up, plus the house is 90% glass.

I also contribute and participate much more loosely in groups like Dorkbot, iKatun, Redtail

I'm also a member of various associations in my leisure activities


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