Very strange coincidence

My Favourite Dice Stockist Worldwide - one floor below Katya's studio in Boston!

I couldn't really believe this at the time, but Katya's just got herself a studio share in Congress Street, Boston as part of the 'Redtail Collective', and it turns out that Koplow Games are in the same building! I have to meet these people!

Kipling's serving men, who, what, when, where, why, how.

They're up to their old tricks again - this time with dice representing Kipling's Six honest serving men

Some will remember my original (and first post) on this blog when I encountered the Paper Scissors Stone dice, which I found in New Orleans, took home to England, and treasured. Maybe I'll finally find out what they were thinking when designing this wonderful chindogu.

A Paper Scissors Stone Dice : Front view Paper Scissors Stone Dice : Rear View With Instructions


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