Deluge of messaging from Youtube

Starting to get community hits on Curiosity and Paragliding Videos

Beach Landing, Ifonche, Tenerife

For some reason or another, I had a rush of activity on my Youtube account in the last few days. Began with three video responses to the Kaleidoscope video.

Then another guy was asking about the location of what is probably the most boring video of an adrenaline sport ever made; my first paragliding flight from Ifonche, near Lost Christianos. He'd clearly watched to the end as he was commenting on the landing!

There were much more glamorous moments later in the holiday - I managed to make it to the beach bar shown in the picture above three times in two days from the hill you can see in the distance. On the final flight of the holiday everyone (apart from the luckless Rob) made it to the beach bar - so a fantastic parting shot and excuse for piss up (we weren't flying the next day, or at least someone else was piloting). In retrospect I'm sorry I never filmed the real exciting stuff where I was having fun and catching thermals.

For more details of this kind of holiday, you need to get in touch with Michael Theiss at his website or for novices in the UK Sussex Hangliding and Paragliding arranged all the details (radio, vario, accommodation) for us less experienced folks - but at a premium.


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