Kaleidoscope Screensaver

Curiosity Collective video distortion project creates interactive visual effect. Free download.

I'm posting from Barcamp London 2 after a 'sleepover' at BT Centre. There wasn't much sleeping. By some kind of architectural oversight, the building was not provided with light-switches so we had to sleep, arctic style, through 24 hours of artificial daylight.

Anyway, if you have a Mac with a built-in camera and you want a playful interactive screensaver, here is the Curiosity Collective's Kaleidoscope for download, similar to the program featured in the above Green Kaleidoscope video I put on Youtube. Just drag it into your Library/Screen Savers directory and it should be available to choose in your Screensavers in System Preferences. For more Curiosity Collective screensavers, visit http://screensavers.curiositycollective.org and to see more from the Curiosity Collective's artwork and screwing around with tech, go to the The Curiosity Blog


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