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Found I'm in good company looking for flying near Boston. Maybe could tag along with one of the locals

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I've got memberships of USHPA and NEPHC on their way - critical to being able to legally fly over here. Was checking out some of the local flying possibilities, and there are some lovely flying sites but you need a car to get to pretty well all of them. Rather keen on visiting a place called Brace Mountain. Ran into a useful online forum where people flag up their intention to fly locally - the NEPHC flyline. That way I hooked up with a few key people who are based in Boston and frequently drive out the 2 or 3 hours needed to get to good flying sites around New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, New York state. Even got a chance to do some ground handling at the end of the Orange line subway with Rolf and Geoff from NEPHC. Geoff suggested I should track a local website which tracks weather conditions and offers suggestions for suitable sites. I'll keep you posted if I actually get in the air soon.


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