CASCADAS Project Meeting - Modena Italy

Initial presentation went well, now several more days of discussions and hacking to follow

Diet Agents in an environment

Just finished the presentation to the CASCADAS team about DIET agents. When I arrived I couldn't find any of the normal diet repository on my new-ish Sony VAIO - crisis. Thanks to Jonny T from my house, and Eduardo Alonso for publishing my presentation online a few years ago. I was able to recover it here at the wayback machine where I suppose it will now remain for all time. Anyway, without that presentation it would have been hard to give the graphical and simple descriptions of diet and its strengths which I was able to provide. Thanks all!

The team seems really competent (they like diet-agents for example :) and we've had some really concrete and productive technical discussions, as well as some excellent food in good company. More of this to come I hope.

Also getting a chance to explore the city early in the morning when it's waking up - going for a 5 or 6 k jog in the morning before breakfast and tqxis to the university. This jog is made longer by getting totally lost. I'm getting to know all the local policemen quite well though.


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