Cardiff Makers Faire

Invited to present my work at the May You Live In Interesting Times Maker Faire

Picture of me doing semaphorePicture of the filmcan zoetrope

Invited to the first UK Maker Faire in Newcastle with the Curiosity Collective when we were presenting the installations from our proverbs show, and some other fun installations. As a result I've been invited to show some of those pieces again as part of a Cardiff maker faire too. I'll be there on Friday and Saturday just before I leave for Morocco.

The contacts I made at Newcastle maker faire have been instrumental in opening up opportunities to work with and also won me a gig to workshop and display the Semaphore to SMS system and the Filmcan Zoetrope, both already available as instructables. In fact both of these instructables were featured specifically by the instructables editors, so I've been scared to upload another one as it's likely to break my 100% record!

I was really hoping to complete my work on the Toilet Robot before getting to the show, and having a kit to workshop. This is looking less and less likely, barring a miracle. More on the Toilet Robots and other live projects, such as the Variduino very soon. If any of these pique your curiosity, just get in touch.


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