Vodka-Powered robots in Boston

Astonishing robot orchestra playing wine glasses and a ball-powered marimba

Absolut Machines

Over in Boston I had the chance to help out Dan Paluska and Jeff Lieberman building bits of the Absolut Machines, which were due to be installed in New York on the 30th. See it in action in this youtube movie.

Gutted that this was my last few days in Boston, and had to miss the event due to a presentation I had to give in Princeton about 24 hours before flying back to the UK. Can you imagine the hedonism of an arts opening sponsored by a Vodka company!

Glitch gets everywhere!

Snapshot of Katya Popova and Sean Stevens in the lab.

Spot also Sean Stevens in the lab, participant in the Boston Bomb scare was looking after some of the software orchestration issues. You get an idea of his mischeivous character from the interview below.

Sean and Zebbler run some very respectable parties out of the Glitch loft, where I've had a chance to show some very buggy installation art. Looking forward to getting back to Boston sometime in the late summer, but plenty of paragliding and sailing in Europe to do first, as well as a bunch of work I guess.