Ubuntu - recommended linux distribution

Multimedia capabilities, and oh so easy updating and installation

Ubuntu is my linux distribution (distro) of choice for almost all activities these days. It combines the easy maintenance and substantial coding community behind Debian, with an emphasis on ease of use and multimedia capabilities more often associated with Windows or Mac.

It's used in the Spinney to run the main communal internet terminal, where frequently people don't realise it's not Microsoft windows which has to be a good thing. I also use it a lot to run techno-art installations as part of the Curiosity Collective

One of the most impressive things about it is the ease of package management, which goes as far as being able to update your whole operating system to a new version without even a restart. Imagine clicking on a button and updating to Windows Vista, just like that in the background, while you carry on editing your latest emails. This is down to the debian package manager, augmented with tools like Automatix for managing the most common installs.


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