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A hippy happy house in Ipswich

This is where I live, and who I know, and how I feel (continues...)

About this blog

These pages showcase an experimental blog built on XSLT. (continues...)

BT OK - A Granny-Friendly Programming Tool

BTok is about making an integrated digital lifestyle so easy that your granny can do it - dragging and dropping blocks to program behaviours (continues...)

Drop me a line

There are a bunch of ways to get in touch with me (continues...)

Escaping spaces in filenames

While messing around with my SVN versioning, found a useful fix for escaping special characters in bash filenames (continues...)

How to process Shuttle data into a Paragliding Oracle

Finding locations with specific slope directions and inclines (continues...)

Leisure - the art of kicking back

Focusing a little more (continues...)

Live Presence Online

Just messing around with live presence tools, Video, IM, Stickam, Meebo etc. (continues...)

Multiple ways to keep up with postings on


My Favourite Software

Tools I rely on and advocate for others. (continues...)

Paragliding Mapping Revisited


Recovering Workaholic

I love work, I can sit and look at it for hours (continues...)

Scripting Hack to auto-fill classpaths

How to add a load of jars recursively below your current directory to the classpath without pain, unless you like pain? (continues...)

Scripting Projects - The power of the Mac Terminal

Examples of the use of the Bourne Shell, Awk, Sed, Imagemagick and other favoured command line tools (continues...)

Search this site

Google the whole of from here (continues...)

Ubuntu - recommended linux distribution

Multimedia capabilities, and oh so easy updating and installation (continues...)

Volunteering and Membership

Various organisations, collectives and communes I occupy, or drift in and out of (continues...)