Silly VoIP patent

EFF seeks prior art - disclosed in 1972 Arpanet video

There's a post over at Boingboing right now, describing a search by the EFF to find prior art to blow out a stupid patent.

Thought I'd help out as I dig around in this area of technology myself, at BT Labs.

I have had a video in my collection for a while, labelled 'Voice over Arpanet' which was recorded in 1972 I believe, and shows a voice conference emulated over the internet with endpoints at a regular callbox, hence undermining at least some of the claims, as outlined here. However, I think in these specific examples, the call is initiated the wrong way to invalidate all the claims.

Anyway I dug it out and uploaded it where everyone can get at it. I'm pretty sure it's public domain on the basis that it's publically funded research work, and credited as such. If the video below doesn't work, click on this link


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