Taking it easy

Holidaying in Boston, learning to sail, finding local paragliding, checking the museums, buying a new bike

I had to take a break this week, take stock of things and use up some leave. So I've set myself the task of not doing any BT work for a week - a harder task than you would imagine. I find my mind wandering back to little loose ends which I could tie up in various live BT projects, and thats how evenings and social lives are surrendered!

Not an intense 'must do everything' type of holiday, but getting on top of things over here and trying to make sure I can get out of the lab and breathe fresh air once in a while. My main things this week are around...

  • Community Boating
  • Local Paragliding
  • Museum of Science
  • Folding bikes

I'll drop a few entries on these specifically


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