Coolest Error Message Ever?

This has to be the best presentation of a MySQL error you've ever seen.

I grabbed this video of an abortive text messaging art project, called Smoke Signals, which was presented at the 2006 Faster than Sound electronic arts gathering at the Bentwaters Air Base. People were meant to send in SMS messages, and have them projected into smoke - an amazing spatial effect. I have to sympathise with the artists plight, having had some last minute panics myself with the Shoals Project, as well as eleventh hour disaster with demos of research prototypes at work.

First word of error projected in smoke Second word of error projected in smoke Third word of error projected in smoke

The base still had traces of the set where Space Cadets was filmed, the so-called greatest hoax in television history. It was kind of weird to see Fire Alarms labelled in russian.

Russian Fire Alarm Logo for the fake Space Tourism Agency of Russia

A lot of major electronica artists were complemented by bizarre techno-art installations of all kinds. One of the most memorable dj sets was from Mr Hopkinson's Computer - a laptop which ran an exceptional speech-simulated DJ set, perched on a stool.

Mr Hopkinson's Computer

The event was fantastic, though underattended. I'm really glad someone had the balls to attempt this, but I guess it won't happen again.

Update: The event DID happen again, in 2007. Just as good if not better, I'm told. I was out of the country sadly. Looking forward to the next!


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