Perpetual horizon, erasable calendar

Shipping the first enigmaker product

I launched the first real product from the enigmaker public domain invention project.


It solves an age-old problem set in train by Julius Caesar. I've not seen anything similar anywhere.

  • Functionality: The visible horizon of conventional monthly calendars shrinks as time passes. On the last day of the month, even tomorrow isn't visible!
  • Sustainability: Waxed paper calendars aren't reusable, unless you're very patient , and they are destined to end up in landfill.
  • Vomiting: Mainstream calendars are covered in emetic kittens, so you have to hide them round the side of your fridge so visitors don't feel ill from the kitsch.

Clare scoped the problem clearly and we both messed with lots of different approaches, experiments and laser-cut prototypes to get to this point. A really enjoyable collaboration. Below is a demo showing the working prototype.


There is also an instructable detailing how to make one yourself, assuming you can lay hands on a laser cutter (health warning - if you have a laser cutter don't lay your hands on it).

A remaining problem

The only issue remaining after all this work; we've only had one customer actually buy one!

I'm messing a little with adwords and thinking of listing one on eBay to see if that gets us anywhere. Possibly an auction without reserve could tell us if it's worth more than it costs to fabricate. Maybe people only buy calendars on December 31st. We'll be ready!