20 Euros per day

What a difference it makes to be with people who enjoy their work.

I started my stay in Bologna at the Albergo San Pietro - a terrible hotel which I wouldn't recommend. The rooms were fairly clean, but the whole place was dark, dingy and dangerously appointed with metal pieces sticking out of the door which tore my hand. There was no sign of breakfast, and when I finally decided to check out, they proved their commitment to customer service by making me wait for fifteen minutes while they got hold of the guy who knew how to make the Visa machine work. Eight thirty in the morning is obviously an unusual time for people to leave hotels!

So what had prompted this change of heart? I'd settled on the cheaper hotel as I knew some of this stay would be paid out of my own money (the holiday part, which in the end never came). But the other guys had very sensibly chosen the alternative, slightly more expensive hotel across the street, The Albergo Molinari. I was waiting for them in the lobby each morning and could see the difference which 20 euros makes.

Everyone was smiling, staff and residents alike. There was daylight. The owner was falling over himself to think of things you'd like to have. They bought us Beer - on the house! Nothing was too much trouble. The rooms and breakfast were quite respectable. Wireless internet was available.

So why am I telling you this? I want those guys at the Albergo Molinari to get the benefit of their tremendous life spirit and desire to please their guests. I want them to be booked out for the next year with people who like free beer and a smile. So come on googlers, if you're at this page looking for hotel recommendations in Reggio Emilia, the Albergo Molinari has been recommended to you from the highest possible source, some random guy you've never heard of on the internet, so get booking!







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