The essentials I always forget

The art of packing seems to be beyond me. Here's a list of the things I should remember to always pack

Casio Exilim Camera

It's a special talent I have. Somehow, I don't connect packing with putting things you actually need in your bag.

I'd like to know what exactly I'm doing when I pack. I have vague memories of counting socks, but then the images fade. I think perhaps I enter a kind of dreamlike state which only lifts when I find myself pulling alien things from my luggage in a foreign city. Here's a shortlist of the major things I didn't manage to pack for my recent trip to Reggio Emilio in Italy, and those which I did.


  • My Ipod
  • A camera
  • UK to European adaptor
  • Multiway UK adaptor - for Apple, plus Vaio, plus...
  • Any sunglasses at all (to e mediterranean country)


  • Two 1Kg books on XSLT and twenty assorted language reference guides
  • A clockwork radio
  • A bluetooth headset
  • Three backup memory cards for camera which wasn't packed
  • Scarf and Wooly hat (to e mediterranean country)

So on the evidence - outbursts in EU design meetings, inability to prepare for travel, I think I'm finally going mad. Hopefully this blog entry will help investigators to piece together the evidence when they find me naked, painted in honey and tied to a tree in Bogota.


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clockwork radio