Various workshops now public

Hacked gadgets for more clients

I'm able to talk about a few projects which I've been involved in with


Really pleased to see that the BBC is able to publically share the results of recent remote-control hacking workshops. This was a project about rethinking the remote altogether, changing the way content is navigated. I helped put together the 'Guess Who' demo as well as supporting the other teams in the innovation workshop, something which I enjoyed loads.


I was invited to work with at EDF's Paris research and development labs too, as detailed here


Finally, in a scenario of wonderful perversity, I was employed by to work on a workshop for BT!

Just a few tweets capturing the results of this one so far, but at least I can say it happened :)

Update, there is now more information here


This work builds on the relationship I've developed with following my contribution on the N900 PUSH campaign