This page contains a selection of pictures from our local area

Date/Link to pictures Local Area Comments (if any)
25th January 2012 A walk to Heysham Harbour for a sailing  
19th January 2012 Half Moon Bay & The Barrows  
15th December 2011 A walk along the Promenade.  
20th October 2011 A walk from home.  
12th September 2011 Heysham -> Morecambe  
28th July 2011 Heysham Harbour  
25th March 2011 Half Moon Bay & The Barrows  
26th February 2011 Half Moon Bay & The Barrows  
24th January 2011 The promenade  
17th January 2011 Half Moon Bay & the Barrows  
30th December 2010 Central Promenade  
11th December 2010 The Canal at Hest Bank  
29th August 2010 Home to the Battery & Back  
11th July 2010 West End and Central Promenade  
13th March 2010 Half Moon Bay & Heysham Village  
28th February 2010 The LCW at Hest Bank  
1st February 2010 Lancaster  
29th January 2010 Sunset & Moonrise at Heysham  
26th January 2010 Reflections on the Lancaster Canal  
23rd January 2010 Sunderland Point in the mist  
15th January 2010 A sunset walk on the Promenade  
2nd December 2009 The Canal at Hest Bank  
28th May 2009 Borwick by Canal & Lane  
25th May 2009 Sandylands Promenade  
3rd May 2009 Glasson Dock  
2nd May 2009 Overton & Sunderland Point  
22nd April 2009 Heysham Village & Barrows  
21st April 2009 A short walk at Hest Bank  
4th March 2009 Williamson Park  
31st January 2009 Happy Mount Park  
14th January 2009 Morecambe Central Promenade  
26th December 2008 Heysham Pictures  
2nd October 2008 Promenade/Half Moon Bay  
4th September 2008 Central Promenade  
7th August 2008 A visit to Williamson Park  
2nd July 2008 Heysham - Morecambe Promenade  
23rd May 2008 Midland Hotel  
6th April 2008 Promenade & HPM  
30th March 2008 Williamson Park  
22nd March 2008 Promenade on Easter Saturday  
10th March 2008 Promenade  
7th March 2008 Promenade & Half Moon Bay  
4th March 2008 Some views across the Bay  
15th February 2008 A short walk at Hest Bank  
12th February 2008 Heysham in the sun  
8th February 2008 Sunny Slopes  
2nd February 2008 Morecambe Promenade  
1st February 2008 A walk around Happy Mount Park  
31st January 2008 A windy walk to Heysham Harbour  
26th January 2008 A walk around Heysham Village  
24th January 2008 Promenade Pictures  
6th January 2007 Promenade pictures  
23rd December 2007 Central Promenade  
11th December2007 The Cliffs promenade  
28th November 2007 Hest Bank canal  
26th November 2007 A walk round Heysham  
23rd November 2007 Morecambe Promenade  
22nd November 2007 Overton (A nostalgic walk)  
21st November 2007 Sunderland Point & Sambos Grave  
20th November 2007 Midland Hotel update  
20th November 2007 Happy Mount Park in winter  
16th November 2007 Morecambe Promenade Central  
12th April 2007 A walk up Arnside Knott with Renee  
19th March 2007 A walk around Glasson Dock  
12th January 2005 Stormy Weather  
19th November 2004 Views across the Bay  
September 2003 Heysham & Morecambe  
26th July 2003 Sunset over the Bay  





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